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Loud Sounds in a Large Space 
a sample library for Kontakt

  • 4 patches- Bass, Hits, Synth and Stuff

  • 3 separate mic positions

  • Scatterbox - MODWHEEL’s sync’d IRs

  • adjustable pulse assigned to the mod wheel

  • tuning knob so the single events can be pitched to wherever suits

  • 1.29GB Core Library

Requires Full Version Kontakt 5.8 or higher 
Not compatible with free Kontakt Player

Music in this video is all created using Wreckage

Text that reads "Soundcloud"

WRECKAGE on Soundcloud

Only US $15

(tax may apply)

The materials for Wreckage came from our recording experiments in the Stella Maris Chapel here in Wellington - LOUD sounds in a LARGE space.

We set up a valve amp in the middle of the room, cranked it up and plugged in a Fender Precision Bass, our Korg Polysix synth as well as bowed double bass, and played some big single events with a very long sustain. While we were at it we also hit some big percussion, timpani, snare and bass drums.

The resulting recordings proved a hit with us and have now made their way into their own idiosyncratic Modwheel sample library.

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