Nick Cesarz from called it: 'TIMPHONIA by Modwheel is one of the best-sounding kettle drum plugins I’ve heard so far.'

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Three folders of all things Timpani:




11 Kontakt Patches plus 2 Multis

Timpani Hits, Flams, Ruffs, Rolls played with Mallet and Sticks.

Natural and extended range. 8 round robins and 5 velocity levels.




18 Kontakt Patches

Timpani extended techniques e.g.  pedal bends, bowed cymbal on timpani bends, coin spins, broomstick rubs, phrases and loops both natural and BPM’d, shell and body hits, brushes, rubber ball bounces and programmed patterns.



21 Kontakt Patches

A selection of patches created by composer/sound designer Kirke Godfrey. Taking the Timphonia to a whole new world.

24bit 96k multi samples 

7.1 GB (3.5 GB using new lossless compression)


Requires full version of Kontakt 5.5 or higher

(not compatible with free Kontakt Player)

Only US$79
(tax may apply)

Timphonia on Soundcloud

The TIMPHONIA recordings were performed by New Zealand drum and Timpani maestro Riki Gooch. 

Riki is New Zealand’s most in demand drummer, producer and all round musical phenomenon. If you want to find out more about Riki here is a link to his tumbler site

TIMPHONIA would not be what it is without Riki's incredible talents.

TIMPHONIA was made using MODWHEEL’S pedal and fixed skin Timpani. The two fixed skin Timpani were retuned to allow recording of as many pitches as possible.

MODWHEEL felt that a lot of other percussion libraries featuring Timpani have been recorded in large concert halls or auditoriums that make the instrument less flexible for using beyond an orchestral setting.


TIMPHONIA was recorded in a neutral studio space with close and room microphone placements. This enables the user to be able to place the instrument easily within mixes of different genres and styles. It can be a more intimate instrument or huge and roomy depending on what is required.

Timphonia MODWHEEL Timpani with mallets Virtual Instrument for Kontakt
Modwheel Kirke Godfrey shapednoise warped timpani stylings

A word from Kirke...

The very generous MODWHEEL guys let me have my way creating ShapedNoises from their fantastic and characterful recordings, and I have twisted them in various ways starting with some simple but hopefully useful variations on the clean performances, and then branching out into the more esoteric or just general diversions through to completely butchered but hopefully useful absurdity.

Modwheel Timpani acoustic subtle sample library for Kontakt

TIMPHONIA is divided into 3 folders - Regular, Irregular & ShapedNoise



The Regular section features standard Timpani hits, flams, ruffs and rolls performed both mallets and sticks.

There are 13 patches in this folder. Most patches have 5 velocity levels and 8 round robins. There are close and room mic adjustments on all patches as well as Reverb, Envelope and EQ adjustments.

The Hits are split across the keyboard into left and right hand performance.

The Rolls feature dynamic crossfade via the mod wheel and release note is adjustable.

There are also performance rolls, long, medium and short.

Plus a few patches of extended range instruments that feature octave layering via the mod wheel. These patches enable huge trailer type hits through to tuned bongos.



Pretty much anything that can be done to Timpani is somewhere within the 20 patches that feature in the Irregular folder.

Some of the irregular highlights:

Cymbal and coin spins, bowed cymbals and rubber ball bounces performed while using the Timpani pitch bend pedal.

Timpani performances across the 3 Timpani, performed with mallets, sticks and brushes. Both in free time and BPM’d.

Loops and programmed patterns.

Timpani shell and body hits with hand, brushes and mallets, both in free time and BPM’d

Timpani bends, thrumbs and broomstick rubs.


TIMPHONIA owes a huge debt of gratitude to Australian musician and tech whizz Kirke Godfrey who has designed the patches in the ShapedNoise folder and beta tested the hell out of it. To find out more about Kirke you should go to

MODWHEEL would also like to thank our other beta master Chris Byrum Harris. 

Chris can be found running


TIMPHONIA is part of the MODWHEEL Creative Differences drum and Percussion series.

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