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- a new angle on Drum & Percussion libraries.


THE BENDS is the second release in the Creative Differences series, a percussion instrument library that focuses on quality, organic percussion sounds recorded and designed for the Kontakt user.


Following in the footsteps of HUMDRUM it features a collection of all things metal - gongs, cymbals, gamelan, triangles, and miscellaneous household items, struck, scraped and bowed while being immersed in water. 






An array of metal gongs, cymbals & plates played while being immersed in water.


24bit 96kHz Multisamples (750 samples)


1.4GB Core Library (0.7GB via lossless compression)


Note: Requires Full Version Kontakt 5.3.1 or higher.

(not compatible with free Kontakt player)

Only US$35

(tax may apply)

THE BENDS Highlights:


30 patches of otherworldly pitch bends, underwater rhythms and hits make for a very evocative library for the adventurous music creator.


750 samples (up to a minute long) recorded at 24-96 kHz with contact and stereo microphones.


Each patch allows for much manipulation with pitch, echo, reverb, shaping, arpeggiator and stutter key.


Rhythmic patches are bpm'd.


Most patches have velocity sensitivity assigned to the mod wheel. This gives even more flexibility in shaping rhythms when ARP (arpeggiator) is switched on. 


See the Tutorial below for a detailed explanation of this great feature plus a complete  overview of THE BENDS

Trailer no.2...

The BENDS Tutorial...