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Terms and Conditions

License Grant

Sample and Sound libraries purchased from MODWHEEL are licensed to you by MODWHEEL. We are not selling you the original audio recordings.

MODWHEEL retains full copyright privileges and complete ownership of all recorded sounds, instrument programming, documentation and musical performances included in this product.


By purchasing and downloading a sample library from MODWHEEL you have a single user license (we are OK with you using it in a second computer owned by you) to use these sounds in your own commercial or personal musical compositions without payment of any further fees or royalties. 

This license forbids any re-distribution method of this product, or its sounds, through any means, including but not limited to, re-sampling, mixing, processing, isolating, or embedding into software or hardware of any kind, for the purpose of re-recording or reproduction as part of any free or commercial library of musical and/or sound effect samples and/or articulations, or any form of musical sample or sound. 

Licenses cannot be transferred to another entity without the written consent of MODWHEEL.

Our Sample Libraries are Non Refundable.

As a user of MODWHEEL software we will need to contact you occasionally about relevant updates and upgrades to your product. Your email address will never be sold or shared with anyone and you can unsubscribe at any time via any of our email correspondence. 


By proceeding to purchase products from MODWHEEL you are agreeing to abide by these Terms & Conditions.



Using this product is at the licensee's own risk. MODWHEEL holds no responsibility for any direct or indirect loss arising from any form of use of this product.

Copyright in the Material contained on this website is owned by MODWHEEL or its associates.


Copyright MODWHEEL, Wellington, New Zealand 2024


All Rights Reserved

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