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A green bass banjo made by Modwheel
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Bass Banjo on Soundcloud

Note: Requires Full Version Kontakt 5.6 or higher

Not compatible with free Kontakt Player

Bass Banjo

An original sample library created from MODWHEEL's very own Bass Banjo


  • 10 Kontakt Patches in total

  • 2 patches of Bass Banjo with 4 round robins and multiple articulations

  • 5 patches of Bang-On Sidekick percussion sounds, drum programming and Arpeggiator

  • 3 synth patches created using the Bass Banjo samples

  • 24bit 48kHz Multisamples 

  • 2.2 GB core library (reduced to 1.07GB using NI lossless compression)

(tax may apply)

Only US$44

The original Bass Banjo is a one-of-a-kind instrument made by David Donaldson and Stuart Porter back in the 1980s, for use in an outdoor marching band.


It was created using an old bass drum and a cut down finger-board from a double bass. It has a very individual, loud, resonant sound that has stood the test of time and has been heard on many recordings and soundtracks over the years, as well as
anti-nuclear protests and Christmas parades.

The time seemed right to sample it, and add it to MODWHEEL’s collection of unique, virtual instrument sample libraries.

Now everyone can enjoy the great sound of Bass Banjo.

Knobs and buttons to control the sound of Bass Banjo in Kontakt
'When I am looking for unusual virtual instruments that are simple to use and somewhat unique, Modwheel's website is almost always my first port of call.

Read the full review here on Sound On Sound

Tom Flint from Sound on Sound gave Bass Banjo 4/5 stars

Promo 1

Promo -Dancing

Promo - Flying

Walk Through

All music heard on the videos was created using only the Bass Banjo and BangOn SideKick Drum Chum sample library.

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