"People love chopping wood. In this activity
one immediately sees results."
Albert Einstein

We Are...


MODWHEEL is David Donaldson and Steve Roche. 


With Janet Roddick we have a composing partnership and recording studio, Plan 9, creating music for over 25 years.


Our most recent score was They Shall Not Grow Old, Peter Jackson's WW1 doco that has taken old footage and colorized, converted and transformed it to show the soldier's experience in amazing detail.  Plan 9  has scored 26 feature films in addition to working on the last 10 of  Jacksons’s movies in varying capacities. Our work for Peter includes full scoring as well as musical sound design, and in collaboration with long term friend and colleague David Long, for the LOTR and Hobbit films, the writing and performing of “cultural” music.


Plan 9 have been nominated for and won numerous film and tv awards both in New Zealand and internationally.







David and Steve also release their own music under the name Thrashing Marlin having released 4 albums to date.



Making distinctive Virtual Instruments (often from their large musical instrument collection) has always been part of Plan 9’s work. 

MODWHEEL was set up to further this exploration and to make these instruments available to other composers and musicians.


After 30 years of experience as musicians, composers, sound designers and recording engineers we feel we know how to put together distinctive, useful and very usable virtual musical instruments for the modern music producer, whether for soundtrack, instrumental or songwriting.

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