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Close up of roundwound guitar strings

Textural Guitars performed by guitarists Hugo Butler and Steve Roche


64 Kontakt Patches in total


2174 24bit 48kHz Multisamples


10.07 GB core library using NI lossless compression 


Note: requires Full Version Kontakt 6.7.1 or higher

Not compatible with free Kontakt Player

Roundwound Guitar Strings

 Only US$99

(tax may apply)

Man bowing an electric guitar

This is textural, cinematic guitar performed by young New Zealand guitar aficionado Hugo Butler, (pictured above) as well as MODWHEEL’S own Steve Roche. You can hear Hugo's work on his Soundcloud here.

The concept started with long, single-note individualistic performances layered upon each other with the mod wheel sweeping you through those layers, giving the user endless shaping possibilities. Of course, as happens at MODWHEEL, this was just the start and after weeks of sonic explorations in the Stella Maris chapel ROUNDWOUND took on a life of its own. Before long Steve became inspired and joined the fray and some fantastic textural guitar duets became an integral part of the library.

Included in the library is a folder of Multis to use in a surround environment.
The outputs have been assigned as follows:

  • Near mic - Out 1-2

  • Mid mic - Out 3-4

  • Far mic - 5-6

These Kontakt outputs can be assigned to track inputs within your DAW so you can have independent control as to where they are placed in the soundfield.

All 64 patches that make up the library have three separate mic positions (close, mid and far) with each mic having separate controls including pitching up or down an octave, giving even more sound manipulation possibilities. Each patch features Scatter Box, MODWHEEL’S own sync’d IRs as well as a step mod allowing for a huge range of rhythmic options.

There are 6 folders of patches

  • Pads - 10 patches

  • Textures - 16 patches

  • Two Guitars - 13 patches

  • Leads - 12 patches

  • Bowed Guitars -5 patches

  • Misfits - 8 patches

Faders and knobs to change the sound of Roundwound guitar in Kontakt
  • The FX tab gives access to the filters, a rhythm Step-mod and Scatter Box.

  • The Filters are a High Pass, a single band Mid Freq and a Low Pass.

  • The Rhythm Step-mod works on volume and can be used to create effects ranging from a simple tremolo though to more complex rhythms.

Knobs to change the filters and delays in Roundwound



All the ROUNDWOUND patches feature Scatter Box. Scatter Box is MODWHEEL’s sync’d
and experimental convolution IR effects rack which was developed from an orig
inal concept by

Kirke Godfrey of Shaped Noise.

There are 5 sub sections

  • Non sync
    19 handcrafted IRs with some featuring pitched notes (named, Cmin, Cmaj etc)

  • Sync
    40 handcrafted tempo sync'd convolution IRs which will sync to your DAW's tempo

  • Reverse
    15 handcrafted reversed, tempo sync’d convolution IRs

  • Atmos
    25 handcrafted atmospheric IRs. These are longer events created using feedback and lesley cabinets etc, which give the instruments more of a cinematic, atmospheric quality

  • Phantoms
    24 handcrafted tonal IRs where each IR will sound the particular chord selected

Installation instructions are in the manual. For extra help with installation have a look at this short video. It shows how to install the Repercussions library, which has a very similar installation process to the Roundwound library.


Video Tutorial

Roundwound Listen
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