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Biscuit Tin Guitar

Close up of an instrument made from a biscuit tin. Text that reads "Biscuit Tin Guitar"
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Acoustic and Electric Biscuit Tin Guitar
a sample library for Kontakt

  • 35 Kontakt patches

  • Finger & Plectrum articulations 

  • FX, Kits & Rhythms (BPM'd) 

  • Song patterns 

  • 24bit 96kHz Multisamples
    (2873 samples)


  • 1.4GB Core Library
    (657MB via lossless compression)


Note: Requires Full Version Kontakt 5.3.1 or higher

Not compatible with free Kontakt Player

(tax may apply)

Only US$49

About the original instrument

The instrument that MODWHEEL has sampled for their Biscuit Tin Guitar library is a one off, hand crafted by Steve Roche. Steve has been making tin guitars and other odd instruments for many years for use in his soundtrack work with Plan 9 and live with the bands he performs with.


This particular instrument is a 4 string fretless with open G Banjo tuning (D G B D). For sampling purposes the range of the instrument has been extended down to the E below the D of its natural range.


The instrument is fitted with a pickup and was recorded both acoustically as well as through a vintage Fender Twin Reverb amp.


As an acoustic instrument the Biscuit Tin Guitar has a unique and wonderful sound that is caught somewhere between a Dobro and a Banjo. The electric version can sit anywhere between clean and a tin can being dragged behind a car, depending on your taste.

Electric Tin Guitar Knobs
Modwheel Tin Guitar played live
Headstock Biscuit Tin Guitar
Bridge Biscuit Tin Guitar
Cake tin guitar
Biscuit tin guitar metal box
Acoustic Tin Guitar Knobs
Modwheel Biscuit Tin Guitar FX GUI

What you get

  • 35 Kontakt patches both acoustic and electric, with finger and plectrum performance

  • Keyswitches operate the different note options i.e. Long, Short, Mute, Semitone Slide Up and Hammer Off

  • There is also dynamic keyswitching to aid performance with several velocity layers and at least 3 round robins

  • An FX panel on each patch gives the ability to adjust the sound to further suit your requirements

  • The instrument has also been used for its percussive possibilities and there are several percussion kits and BPM'd rhythm patches

  • In addition there are a number of patches that play arpeggios and song patterns from a single key

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