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Free Stuff

As with all MODWHEEL libraries our freebies require the Full Version of Kontakt. They WILL NOT run in the free Kontakt Player.

Positive Feedback

Faders and dials to change the mix of Feedback in Kontakt

This instrument requires the Full Version Kontakt 5.8 or above 

Not compatible with the free Kontakt Player

The FEEDBACK library that the material for this patch comes from was performed by David Long and was recorded in the beautiful Stella Maris chapel.

  • 3 mic position channel strips that allow for adjustments in level, pan, envelope (attack and release) and octave transpose.

  • Blend control balances the level between the original recording and retuned samples. Set midway results in a very nice natural chorus effect.

  • The mod wheel scrolls through different layers of samples allowing the user to create long evolving explorations of the very fabric of the universe.

  • The FX tab gives access to Filters, Rhythm step-mod and Scatterbox

Tasty Morsels from THE LOWDOWN

Knobs and a switch to adjust the sound of the double bass in Kontakt

This first patch is set up with a Low Pass filter, the cutoff being controlled by the

mod wheel for sweepy goodness. Turn on the boost for extra dirt.


The arpeggiator tab gives access to the arpeggiator window where you can control the various functions relating to that.

Note these require the Full Version Kontakt 5.5 or higher.

They won't work in the free Kontakt Player.

Retro line drawing of a man lying down

This ambient pad has 2 separate layers that are controlled via the mod wheel allowing a X-fade between the two. As you bring in the mod wheel layer the original layer fades out.


The key switches change where the top layer sample starts which changes the sound and texture of the mod wheel layer.

With any of our free downloads all we ask is that in exchange we put you on our newsletter mailing list where we will keep you posted on our upcoming releases and other offers. We acknowledge your right to privacy so your details will be safe with us and you can expect no more than about one email per month from us.


You will be emailed a link to download a .rar file.

If you haven't used .rar files before you will need a decompression app which can be downloaded for free. Recommended ones are The Unarchiver for Mac and 7-Zip for PC.

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