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A close up of double bass strings visible through a cut out
The LowDown_V2

DOUBLE BASS Arco, Pizz, Ambiences,  Pads, Impacts, Kits & Rhythms (BPM'd)


Long Performance samples, 60 sec+


24-Bit 48kHz Multisamples


6.2 GB Core Library (3.4 GB via lossless compression


Note: Requires Full Version Kontakt 5.5 or higher

Not compatible with free Kontakt Player

(tax may apply)

Only US$99

"Ever since I was introduced to The Lowdown (the original) last year, I have used it
on every single scoring project."

Stephen Gallagher - composer and music editor on The Hobbit trilogy

"LOVE! Clever, simple and super musical." 

Jeff Rona - film composer, recording artist and writer

The Lowdown - What is it?

It’s a beautiful 100 year old Double Bass owned and played by Bass luminary David Donaldson for the past 35 years. It has been deeply sampled by MODWHEEL to create a Kontakt sample library made up of every conceivable sound you can generate using bows, mallets, chopsticks, brushes, and anything else that came to hand (or foot). 


The original concept for THE LOWDOWN was to detune the Bass to a low G, 8 semitones lower than its normal low E and record over a minute of low drones on each note over a range of 3 octaves. We then recorded bowed harmonics playing the same notes that can be layered on using a keyboard mod wheel.

The result is a huge variety of rich organically moving drones and pads. All are at least a minute long performance before looping, ranging from very natural to very messed with.
After achieving this aural triumph, we decided to extend the library to include traditional pizzicato and arco articulations and some more experimental rhythms and impacts. The rhythms are all BPM’d and will play at whatever tempo your session is at.
MODWHEEL’s  David Donaldson: “I’ve owned and played this bass for more than 35 years. It has a very distinctive sound, and can generate beautiful harmonics when bowed. It also has a great low sound when detuned".

Part 1 - The Basics

  • PIZZ BASS - Multi sampled with 4 velocity layers, 3 round robins. 

      keyswitched articulations: Sustain, Short, Semitone Slide, 5th Slides & Harmonics
      Immediate access to Separate Mic & DI/Line level controls via custom GUI.

  • ARCO BASS - Multi sampled bowed with 3 dynamic layers controlled by the mod wheel.
    Keyswitching for Staccato and Expressive

Part 2 - The Extended Bass

  • AMBIENCES - 26 patches of drones and pads, from organic to electronic.

      Most have layering that can be added, or manipulated using the mod wheel, as well as

      individual effects.

  • IMPACTS - 11 patches including “drumkits” made entirely from Bass sounds.
    Single events that include the use of mallets, brushes, slapping, chopsticks on every part of the bass.

  • RHYTHMS - 24 patches of rhythmic playing.
    From live performances to sequencing using Kontakt’s arpeggiator and drum sequencing functions.


  • SHAPEDNOISE - 20 new patches created by MODWHEEL’S tech whizz and master beta tester
    Kirke Godfrey.

Check out this video walkthrough tutorial.
Listen to Audio Demos below

The Lowdown V2 Listen
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