Resonating Musical Wires VI for Kontakt from MODWHEEL
Musical resonant wires for a funereal string sound Kiontakt by MODWHEEL

Twangs,Textures & Tortured Tones

A virtual instrument for Kontakt created from MODWHEEL's 4 metre long Strained Wires.

  • 51 Kontakt patches with up to 3 velocity levels and 8 round robins

  • 24bit 96kHz Multisamples (508 samples)

  • 2.7GB Core Library
    (1.8GB via lossless compression)


Note: Requires Full Version Kontakt 5.3.1 or above

Not compatible with free Kontakt Player

Strained Wire on Soundcloud

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The Strained Wire + Garotte was created using 4 metre lengths of wire and nylon line trimmer stretched tightly over a bridge and sound board. This was struck, picked, hit with a mallet, bowed and generally tortured. A tuning turnbuckle was incorporated to allow tuning of the instrument.

The strained wire was then recorded using contact and stereo microphones.


This video shows how it was made.

  • Plucked-Bowed-Mallet plays in tune over 5 octaves.

  • Play it as a bass or guitar, deep harp or zither, rhythm, feel or melody. Choose between a metal wound string sound or the plastic nylon string of the line trimmer.

  • The Wilberforce Atmospheres and Garotte offer soundscapes, cinematic drones and impacts, and ragged textures.

  • Patches are customisable with Modwheel's signature additional layers and with a range of effects for even more tightening and torturing.

Strained Wire + Garotte Video Tutorial

Strained Wire + Garotte: what do you get?

The Library is cut up into 3 sections



  • 18 Kontakt patches

  • Wire, Gut and Nylon strung played with a mallet, pick, plucked and bowed and chromatically laid out

  • Up to 3 velocity levels and 8 round robins

  • Tremolo has been assigned to the mod wheel with a speed adjustment on the front panel

  • These patches also feature an effects tab that enables distortion, rotary, delay
    and phaser




  • 6 Kontakt patches of tortured wire FX

  • Again features the effects tab which allows for further twisting


The Wilberforce Atmospheres


  • 27 Kontakt patches

  • Long evolving pads and atmospheres created using the initial wire recordings

  • Some feature additional layers assigned to the mod wheel and an effects tab for further manipulation.

    Requires Full Version of Kontakt 5.3.1 or above