Resonating Musical Wires VI for Kontakt from MODWHEEL
Musical resonant wires for a funereal string sound Kiontakt by MODWHEEL

Twangs,Textures& Tortured Tones

created from MODWHEEL'S 4 metre long Strained Wires.

51 Kontakt patches with up to 3 velocity levels and 8 round robins

24bit 96kHz Multisamples (508 samples)


2.7GB Core Library (1.8GB via lossless compression)


Note: Requires Full Version Kontakt 5.3.1 or higher

(not compatible with free Kontakt player)

Only US$45
(tax may apply)

Strained Wire on Soundcloud

Strained Wire + Garotte


The Strained Wire + Garotte was created using 4 metre lengths of wire and nylon line trimmer stretched tightly over a bridge and sound board. This was struck, picked, hit with a mallet, bowed and generally tortured. A tuning turnbuckle was incorporated to allow tuning of the instrument.

The strained wire was then recorded using contact and stereo microphones.


This video opposite shows how we made it: 

Plucked-Bowed-Mallet plays in tune over 5 octaves.

Play it as a bass or guitar, deep harp or zither, rhythm, feel or melody, choose between a metal wound string sound or the plastic nylon string of the line trimmer.

The Wilberforce Atmospheres and Garotte offer soundscapes, cinematic drones and impacts and ragged textures. Patches are customisable with Modwheel's signature additional layers and with a range of effects for even more tightening and torturing.

What You Get


The Library is cut up into 3 sections




18 Kontakt patches

  • Wire, Gut and Nylon strung played with a mallet, pick, plucked and bowed and chromatically laid out.

  • Up to 3 velocity levels and 8 round robins

  • Tremolo has been assigned to the mod wheel with a speed adjustment on the front panel

  • These patches also feature an effects tab that enables distortion, rotary, delay and phaser.




6 Kontakt patches of tortured wire FX

Again features the effects tab which allows for further twisting.


The Wilberforce Atmospheres


27 Kontakt patches

Long evolving pads and atmospheres created using the initial wire recordings.

Some feature additional layers assigned to the mod wheel and an effects tab for further manipulation.

A Tutorial for the Strained Wire + Garotte