A Psaltered Zither

A Psaltered Zither Modwheel Sample Library

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Created from MODWHEEL's collection of Zithers, Psaltery and other fretless string instruments.


10 Kontakt Patches in total


127 Snapshots

24bit 48kHz Multisamples 


3.86 GB core library using NI lossless compression


Note: Requires Full Version Kontakt 5.6 or higher

(not compatible with free Kontakt player)

Only US$89.00 

(tax may apply)

Over the years we have managed to gather quite a collection of instruments, among which is an array of what could loosely be described as Zithers.

When considering the tone and employment of this library it occurred to us that it might be interesting to combine the sounds of the plucked or struck Zither attacks with the more sustained bowed sounds of the Psaltery and so with that in mind we set about developing what has become A Psaltered Zither.

Six different Zithers, Psaltery and unfretted folk instruments make up the library that is A Psaltered Zither.


Each instrument is one patch with numerous articulations available via the faders (plucked, picked, bowed-long-medium-short, harmonics etc) These can be played singularly or accumulatively.

Zither Sample Library Modwheel Kontakt

When not being used, articulations can be switched off (by clicking on its name) to conserve cpu. Each articulation can be transposed + or - 1 octave, panned and has its own envelope.

All instruments have been re-tuned to sample as many notes as possible. The lowest and highest notes have been extended to give a six octave range to each patch.

There are 4 round robins and at least 3 velocity levels on most notes.

By experimenting with blending the levels of the different articulation faders coupled with the additional FX it is possible to achieve a wide range of unique tones and subtle variations that we hope make for a very playable and useful instrument.

In addition each patch comes with a folder of snapshots (127 in total) that offer numerous examples and starting points to get you going.


All of the A Psaltered Zither patches feature Scatter Box. Scatter Box is MODWHEEL’s new sync’d and experimental convolution IR effects rack which was developed from an original concept by Kirke Godfrey.

It is divided into 4 sub sections:

Non sync

19 handcrafted IRs some featuring pitched notes (named, cmin, cmaj etc)


40 handcrafted tempo synced convolution IRs (will sync to your DAW's tempo)


15 handcrafted reversed, tempo sync’d convolution IRs


25 handcrafted atmospheric IRs. These are longer events created using feedback and lesley cabinets etc, which give the instruments more of a pad and atmospheric quality.

It’s hard to explain quite what Scatter Box does and we don’t want to give too many secrets away. Just experiment with the different sections and you’ll soon get the hang of it.




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