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Music in this video is all created with Worldly Goods

Click here to watch a video tutorial of Worldly Goods. This was one of our early sample libraries for Kontakt.

The video is rather old and says it's a free give away, but we've since upped the price to $9.

Text that reads "Creative Differences"

Worldly Goods is an 8 patch addition to the Modwheel Creative Differences series

  • Ice Gong - stalactites  recorded in Antarctica by Anthony Powell. Tuned by us plays chromatically…….sort of

  • Bambonezler- Bones collected from around New Zealand, seed pods from The Philippines, a wooden frog from Thailand, bamboo from Indonesia

  • BamStonezler- Slate tiles, hits tuned chromatically recorded at Lastour Castle France, shells from Australia and scraped stone from NZ plays rhythmically and BPM’d

    Requires Full Version Kontakt 5.3.1 or higher 
    Not compatible with free Kontakt Player

(tax may apply)

Only US$9

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