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An original Modwheel Virtual Instrument for Kontakt. Percussive instruments of all kinds, hits, grooves and loops - Tuned, Untuned & Unusual

  • 3 microphone placements recorded in Stella Maris Chapel 

  • 57 Kontakt patches made by sampling 80+ instruments, up to 6 velocity layers,
    various articulations, 5 round robins


  • 18,850 24bit 48kHz Multisamples 

  • 10.9 GB core library using NI lossless compression

Note: requires Full Version Kontakt 5.8 or higher

Not compatible with free Kontakt Player

REPERCUSSIONS is the latest Virtual Instrument in MODWHEEL's Creative Differences series. Following on from HumDrum, Timphonia and The Bends this is an original compendium of all the other percussion and percussive instruments from our 30 year collection.

With pristine recordings made in Stella Maris Chapel by John Neill, 3 mic placements and deeply sampled, we offer you the original beautiful sound of the instrument and make it easy for you to treat it as you need for your screen composition or your track, no matter the style or scale of your compositions. These sounds can bring beauty to the intimate moments or powerful drama to the epic journeys of the music you make.

57 Instrument Patches in total

  • Tuned ones include orchestral bells, tongue drum, kalimba, clock chimes, steel pan, angklung and talempong.

  • Untuned ones include snare, toms, bass drum, hand drums, cajon, shakers, tambourines, triangles, gongs, cymbals, claps and stomps and various metals.

  • Unusual ones include rommel pot, thunder drum, spoons, log drums, saxoparps, anvil and a dedicated sub patch.

  • Click here for the full List of Instrument Patches

Main Tab

Recorded with 3 different microphone positions (Near, Mid and Far) all controllable on the main gui. Each mic position can be transposed
+/- one octave

Filters: Hi Pass filter, a Lo Pass filter and a single band Mid Freq. These work globally across all three mic channel strips, but each can be turned on/off independently.

Some patches feature a Blend controller which controls the relative levels of the Sliced/Stretched samples. The Sliced/Stretched samples use Kontakt’s Time Machine and Beat Machine functions so loops will sync to the tempo running in the DAW. 


A Proximity knob simulates listener's distance from the microphones

Repercussions Main Tab in Kontakt
Repercussions FX Tab in Kontakt

FX Tab

The FX tab gives access to PULSE, a rhythm Step-mod and Scatter Box.


The Rhythm Step-mod uses volume and can be used to create effects ranging from a simple tremolo though to more complex rhythmic patterns.


All the REPERCUSSIONS instrument patches include Scatter Box. Scatter Box is MODWHEEL’s sync’d and experimental convolution IR effects rack which was developed from an original concept by Kirke Godfrey.

There are 5 sub sections

  • Non sync
    19 handcrafted IRs with some featuring pitched notes (named, Cmin, Cmaj etc)

  • Sync
    40 handcrafted tempo sync'd convolution IRs which will sync to your DAW's tempo

  • Reverse
    15 handcrafted reversed, tempo sync’d convolution IRs

  • Atmos
    25 handcrafted atmospheric IRs. These are longer events created using feedback and lesley cabinets etc, which give the instruments more of a cinematic, atmospheric quality

  • Phantoms
    24 handcrafted tonal IRs where each IR will sound the particular chord selected


REPERCUSSIONS Walkthrough with David and Steve

Installation Instructions

This short video shows it's easy to install REPERCUSSIONS when it's downloaded in 3 separate .rar files 

Repercussions Patch List

Instrument Patch List

Abacus Up-down




Bass Drum

Z-BoxLot 1

Z-BoxLot 2

Z-BoxLot 3


Clock Chimes

Cymbals 1

Cymbals 2

Cymbals 3

Cymbals Bowed

Drum Animal Hide

Drum Clay Pot

Drum Double End

Drum LollyPop

Drum Skin 1

Drum Skin 2

Drum Tibetan



Kalimba Rhythms


Log Drums

Metal Small 1

Metal Small 2

Miscellaneous 1

Miscellaneous 2

Orchestral Bells

Paua Shells

Rommel Pot 1

Rommel Pot 2

Saxoparp 1

Saxoparp 2

Saxoparp 3

Saxoparp 4

Slate-Bone-Shells 1

Slate-Bone-Shells 2

Snare Brushes

Snare Sticks

Spoons Metal

Spoons Wooden

Rock and Stone



Tambourine 1

Tambourine 2

Tambourine 3

Thunder Drum 1

Thunder Drum 2

Tin Pan

Tom Misc


Tongue Drum


Repercussions Listen
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