A dynamic, performance ready Pulse Machine.

In association with
SHAPEDNOISE  Kirke Godfrey

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Only US$78

Hundreds of sounds that let you easily
create endless pulses, rhythms, riffs,
melodic patterns, evolving pads & risers.


Created using Modwheel's array of acoustic instruments, sound sources & synths.

  • Over 150 snapshot presets

  • Full automation & midi CC


  • 24bit 48kHz Samples

  • 245MB Core Library 

Note: Requires Full Version Kontakt 5.6.6 or higher 

Not compatible with free Kontakt Player

WaveSkimmer pulse machine for Kontakt by Modwheel
WaveSkimmer Details

Front Panel

WaveSkimmer Tab Pulser on Kontakt by Modwheel
  • An editable pulse/velocity grid that can go from 1 to 32 steps and from 64th notes to
    whole note duration.


  • An editable pitch grid that covers a 2 octave range, which can also be set from 64th notes to whole note duration.

  • The pulse and pitch grids can be set independently of each other
    (grab and drag via the mouse).

The instrument can load 2 separate sounds and via Group A and Group B assignments you can alter the blend using the slider. Group B can be pitched down an octave.

An X-Y pad connected to a Transient Master allows easy reshaping of the samples.

The mod wheel works on the sample start, so mod wheel on full plays the front/attack of the sample and mod wheel off plays from later in the sample. As a pattern is playing in the pulse/velocity grid you can vary the intensity by riding the mod wheel.


With the mod wheel you can scroll through the sample, changing the intensity and tone of the sound in a dynamic way.

Kontakt Sound Selector Tab Waveskimmer Modwheel VI for Kontakt

Sound Selector Panel

All sounds can be mixed and matched easily via the front panel pull down menu or the dedicated Sound Selector tab.

Waveskimmer Scale_Snap FX Tab VI by Modwheel

Scale Snap/FX Panel

  • Delays are tempo locked and adjustable in 64th note divisions. Tremolo and chorus are also available.

  • Group A and Group B can have different distortions.

  • The pitch pattern can be constrained to
    a large variety of scale modes.

Waveskimmer Tab on Kontakt
Midi CC Assignment

Full automation and midi CC are assigned for easy integration with hardware controllers.

Watch a full WaveSkimmer Tutorial with David and Steve here
or take this short video tour below
Check out the user guide, especially useful for installing snapshots
Waveskimmer by Modwheel user guide

Audio Demo - A Day At The Beach

Audio Demo - The Future