Here's what users are saying about our instruments...

Junkie XL - producer and screen composer

"Really original instruments....really original sounds. Very unique."

Youtube Q&A January 2019

Troels Folmann - CEO at 8dio

"I watched your new Banjo and absolutely loved what you are doing. Keep it Up!"

On Waveskimmer

"Waveskimmer manages the neat trick of being hugely impressive without being hugely priced." - John Walden Sound on sound

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"LOVE! Clever, simple and super musical."

Jeff Rona - Film Composer, Recording Artist & Writer

"Your sample recordings are way above the norm and the libraries always have some brilliant twist. I am so appreciative of the inspiration your work provides, seriously!"

Christian Saulpaugh - NY

"If you're looking for great quality sounds in an easy to use and wonderfully creative and versatile Kontakt instrument at a very low price, Modwheel's The Lowdown is going to appeal!"


Matt Vanacoro - Ask Audio Magazine 


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".... a huge low end sound that is crystal clear and brings the bite that you want out of a double bass. This library has the versatility to be used in conjunction with a small string ensemble as well as in a big hybrid epic that in both cases, will bring the low end to life."


Chris Harris - Film and Game Composers


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"The calfskin drums are unique. The samples have been recorded meticulously and playback is full of life and excitement. You can hear the tones of the wood body and the attack of the calf skin heads resonate through the drums and in the room. When playing back HUMDRUM it sounds like you right there in the studio standing next to the kit!"



Don Bodin - Sample Library Review


On The Biscuit Tin Guitar

"Staying true to the roots of Modwheel’s approach with The Lowdown, The Biscuit Tin Guitar isn’t short of pure creativity and inspiring sounds. They have perfectly captured the character of this one-of-a-kind instrument into a set of tools that are sure to jump start your creative process and help you achieve that unique sound you are looking for."


Chris Harris - Film and Game Composers



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"Over the years I’ve encountered quite a few novelty Kontakt libraries, but despite its slightly comical name, Biscuit Tin Guitar is a seriously versatile instrument offering a range of sounds that goes far beyond what one would expect from something with such humble beginnings."


Tom Flint - Sound on Sound


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Some other comments...

Dan says: "Wow! I've played the double bass for 40 years and this instrument made me smile with every sound, I bought it immediately. I think you guys have done a fantastic job with every aspect, the sound of the recorded bass, programming of kontakt and creativity in patch choices. Excellent work!!!!!"



And from Felix: "...I just checked your "The Lowdown" Lib and wet my pants:) it sounds so fat, dirty and gritty, full of character!"