The percussion library designed by lux|nox renewed and available again through Modwheel

  • 10 folders containing a total of 125 Patches for Kontakt 5.5 or higher

  • 14 GB 24 bit 48k
    (using .ncw lossless compression)

PERC+ Redux requires Full Version of
Kontakt v5.5 or above. 
Note: This will not work in the free Kontakt Player.

How can I get my copy of this great sample library?

  1. Make a donation of around NZ$45 to the charity of your choice, perhaps music-based one

  2. Email the receipt to us

  3. We will forward you the download link
    This is a manual process so may take up to 24 hours

If you already own the original PERC+ by Lux Nox but would like the new look please make a small donation somewhere (we suggest NZ$5 or$10) email us the receipt and we'll send you a link to a pack containing the instruments and the new GUI's.

The History

In October 2014 the late Chriss Ons of Lux Nox Audio released PERC+, an impressive 14GB Percussion library of cymbals, gongs, metals and hand percussion with many and varied articulations from stick, mallet, hand to bow.


It was a limited release and done as 'donation ware' - where all proceeds went to the charity Mr Holland's Opus Foundation and later was supported by It got rave reviews, rated through the roof by its loyal fans and then it went off the radar.

Recorded by Chriss in Belgium and supported by Christopher Byrum Harris ( in the US, the worldwide journey of PERC+ continued to the southern hemisphere. MODWHEEL, based in New Zealand are joined by Kirke Godfrey of to look after this great library.

At the request of the 2 Chriss MODWHEEL and Kirke revised and repackaged this wonderful library. It's all the same great sounds with a redesigned GUI plus Arpeggiator and Info tabs.

About PERC+

PERC+ Modwheel Percussion Virtual Instrument Kontakt
  • 125 patches for Kontakt 5.5 or higher

  • cymbals, bells, gongs, objects, small percussions, tuned instruments

  • upright piano

  • viola da gamba

  • up to 10 round robins and 20 layer velocities depending on the instrument

We bought it back in 2014 and having used it extensively we've had some ideas on how to make it an even better user experience. So the interface has been streamlined to make this huge library more immediately useable. The patches are the same but following our simple principle of 'less is more' we've redesigned the GUI curating a few choice functions on the front page for the user.

These include Envelope, Tuning, Body, Reverb, Delay, Arpeggiator and Stutter Key.


And of course all the usual Kontakt functionality is still available via the spanner tool.

A Video Walk Through of PERC+

Over almost 2 years donations towards PERC+ Redux raised NZ $8700 for the Tironui Music Trust. Based in South Auckland they provide musical instruments, tuition and performance experience to primary school children. Thank you.