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a MODWHEEL styled Toolbox

Feedback Modwheel Virtual Instrument

Expressive Virtual Instruments

for Kontakt

FEEDBACK of all kinds performed by NZ guitarist David Long

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Requires Full Version of Kontakt 5.8 or greater

A Psaltered Zither

"Absolutely STUNNING! This is such an unexpectedly FUN and MUSICAL set of instruments. I am truly blown away by just how useful this can be. I think this is about my FAVE ModWheel collection"       
Jeff Rona - Film Composer, Recording Artist & Writer
A Psaltered Zither by Modwheel Kontakt Sample Library

Created from MODWHEEL's collection of Zithers, Psaltery and other fretless string instruments.

Only US$89.00

Requires Full Version of Kontakt

Our Plan

Is to create useful instruments with a unique character, that will not only integrate with your compositions in a striking way but also be an inspiration for your creative process.

Contact David, Steve or Janet at Tel +644 274 044 778, Email

PO Box 15116, Miramar, Wellington 6243, New Zealand