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pan pipes on a dark background

10 wind blown instruments

wooden pipe organ,Indian harmonium, bass harmonium, melodica, euphonium, bottle, voice, whistling, mouth percussion & bugle

And this is still one of our favourites

Mallets and sticks on timpani



  • 11 Kontakt patches plus 2 Multis

  • Timpani Hits, Flams, Ruffs, Rolls played with Mallet and Sticks


  • 18 Kontakt patches

  • Timpani extended techniques


  • 23 patches created by composer/sound designer Kirke Godfrey. Taking the Timpani to a whole new world.


24bit 96k multi samples 7.1 GB (3.5GB using new lossless compression)

Close up view of roundwound guitar strings

 Only US $99

10+ GB, 64 patches of textural guitars, pads, feedback, Leslie, harmonics, bowed and effects

Our newest Kontakt Sample Library

Requires Full Version of Kontakt 6.7.1 or higher

Percussive raindrops falling on puddles

Another original Kontakt sample library created from MODWHEEL's collection of percussive instruments, beautifully recorded in a nearby chapel

  • 57 Kontakt instruments

  • tuned

  • untuned

  • unusual

Requires Full Version Kontakt v5.8 or higher

"Modwheel makes the grooviest instruments in the world"

Simon Franglen - Composer (Avatar: The Way Of Water, The Magnificent Seven)

Huge congratulations to Simon for his recent Oscar Nomination! We look forward to seeing him down in the Antipodes for the next Avatar installment.

Our Plan

Is to create useful instruments with a unique character, that will not only integrate with your compositions in a striking way but also be an inspiration for your creative process.

 WaveSkimmer - a scoring tool we used a lot last year

We took another look at this detailed review by Raymond Ricker for Sample Library Review. 

"While all of these features help make this an excellent product, overall, it’s the eclectic choice of sound samples that really push this to the top of the pile, so to speak. There are samples here that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else. These are samples that you come back to time and again to augment your other percussive elements and give it a uniqueness that you can call your own, to give your music a style that will, indeed, stand out from the others!!"
I found this library to be quite unique and a joy to use.

Sample Library Review

FEEDBACK of all kinds performed by composer &
ex Mutton Birds guitarist David Long

(tax may apply)

Requires Full Version of Kontakt

A Psaltered Zither

A Psaltered Zither

tuning pegs and strings of a zither

A unique sample library created from MODWHEEL's collection of Zithers, Psaltery and other fretless string instruments.

(tax may apply)

Requires Full Version of Kontakt

"Absolutely STUNNING! This is such an unexpectedly FUN and MUSICAL set of instruments.
I am truly blown away by just how useful this can be. I think this is about my FAVE ModWheel collection" 

Jeff Rona - Film Composer, Recording Artist & Writer


PO Box 15116, Miramar, Wellington 6243, Aotearoa New Zealand

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