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'I found this library to be quite unique and a joy to use, and the sounds included can really compliment a wide variety of music'

Feedback of all kinds performed by

guitarist David Long

Created & curated by MODWHEEL and Shaped Noise


27 Kontakt Patches in total

1361 24bit 48kHz Multisamples 


4.85 GB core library using NI lossless compression


Please Note: FEEDBACK requires Full Version Kontakt 5.8 or higher

Not compatible with free Kontakt player

 only US$89.00 

(taxes may apply)
Modwheel Music

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Owing to circumstances due to the Covid 19 pandemic we found ourselves wondering “what next” for MODWHEEL. We had just lost a film job due to New Zealand closing down for a month or so and were casting about for something to do. As it happened our long time friend and collaborator David Long was in a similar situation and suggested working together on a new sample library. Working with him for over 30 years we’ve always enjoyed his talent for creating all sorts of wild feedback using guitar and various microphones etc. So it was with a great deal of enthusiasm that we spent a few days in the studio recording what became the basis of FEEDBACK.

As with most of our libraries we never quite know what we are making until we get well into the process. With a lot of experimentation we try to find the best way of presenting the material in Instruments that allow maximum creative freedom for the user.

Guitar Feedback Original Sample Library New Zealand

There are 27 patches in total featuring performances that vary in length from short explosive events to long evolving textures, each one, carefully curated to give the player control over how to shape their own performance.

The FX tab gives access to the filters, a rhythm Step-mod and Scatter Box.

The Filters are a High Pass, a single band Mid freq and a Low Pass.

The Rhythm Step-mod works on volume and can be used to create effects from a simple tremolo through to more complex rhythms.

Kontakt FX Tab Modwheel Sample Library Feedback


All of the FEEDBACK patches feature Scatter Box. Scatter Box is MODWHEEL’s new sync’d and experimental convolution IR effects rack which was developed from an original concept by Kirke Godfrey.

It is divided into 5 sub sections:

Non sync

19 handcrafted IRs some featuring pitched notes (named, Cmin, Cmaj etc)


40 handcrafted tempo sync'd convolution IRs (will sync to your DAW's tempo)


15 handcrafted reversed, tempo sync’d convolution IRs


25 handcrafted atmospheric IRs. These are longer events created using feedback and lesley cabinets etc, which give the instruments more of a pad and atmospheric quality.


24 handcrafted tonal IRs. Each IR will sound the particular chord selected.

It’s hard to explain quite what Scatter Box does and we don’t want to give too many secrets away. Just experiment with the different sections and you’ll soon get the hang of it.




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