Expressive Virtual Instruments

for Kontakt

Bass banjo virtual instrument for Kontakt sample library

Bass Banjo

It's a Bass!

It's a Banjo!

It's a whole Drum Kit!

It's a Synth!?!

Is there anything this wonderful instrument can't do?

Impress your friends!

Only US$39


We want to say a huge thank you.

PERC+ Redux donations have raised more than NZ $7979

 for Tironui Music Trust. Excellent!

Perc+ LuxNox Percussion Sample Library donationware

The previously unavailable Lux Nox PERC+ sample library has been revised & renewed. 

After 18 months we have raised over $7979 for Tironui Music Trust.

Please donate now for your copy of this great library.

Only NZ$45
Our Plan

Is to create useful instruments with a unique character, that will not only integrate with your compositions in a striking way but also be an inspiration for your creative process.

Contact David, Steve or Janet at Tel +644 9097905, Email us at plan9music,

Visit us at 148A Park Road, Wellington 6022, New Zealand